Botox Injections Offer Relief from Excessive Sweating

Botox Injections Offer Relief from Excessive Sweating in MD Beauty Spa in Scottsdale, AZ

Botox injections are a popular cosmetic treatment that provides noticeable results. Men and women who receive the injection-based treatment enjoy a fuller face and more youthful-looking appearance almost instantly. Many people may not realize that this helpful prescription drug can combat another issue — excessive underarm sweating. Excessive underarm sweating can affect a person in many ways.

He or she may be self-conscious about sweat spots or may have to throw away clothes that become stained after just a few uses. They may worry that they look unprofessional in the workplace or less polished in social situations. The emotional and mental burden can be overwhelming.

The typical levels of sweat experienced by most people can be controlled successfully using antiperspirants or deodorants. For those with more severe problems, surgery is another option for treatment.

Botox is a safe alternative that is much less invasive than surgery and offers a high success rate. During a typical appointment for this procedure, a series of injections is made in both underarms. Up to 15 injections may be made during the visit, which only takes about 15 minutes. The treatment begins to work after a period of several weeks.

It works by blocking chemical signals from those nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When these signals are blocked, severe sweating ceases. The results typically last for over 6 months, and a new set of injections can safely be administered once excessive sweating begins again. Those who are interested in receiving Botox injections to combat excessive sweating should know that the procedure might be covered by their insurance. Though not every provider and plan pay for the procedure, in many cases full or partial coverage is provided when the sweating cannot be controlled using standard topical medications.

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