Chin Implants Named The Fastest Growing Procedure

Chin Implants Named The Fastest Growing Procedure - MD Beauty Spa in Scottsdale, AZ

Researchers credit the increased use of video chat technology and an active aging baby boomer generation for the rising number of chin implant procedures.

Research from 2011 shows that the chin implant is becoming the fastest growing procedure. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that people from all major demographics are participating in this type of plastic surgery more than ever before. Men and women of all ages and a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds are seeking this option.

The number of chin implant procedures in 2011 was listed at 20,680. That number represents an astonishing 71% increase over 2010. The number of men and women who had the procedure is very comparable, with 10,593 surgeries reported for men and 10,087 reported for women, representing a 76% and 66% increase, respectively.

There are several key factors that are contributing to the trend. First, baby boomers getting to a point in their lives where they see very noticeable signs of aging in their faces. Many people in this category lead very active lives and consider themselves to be young in spirit. They’re not ready, so to speak, to look like a senior citizen. A chin implant is a feasible way to give them a more defined facial contour and younger looking appearance. Many patients within this category combine procedures or treatments, such as a chin lift with Botox injections, to get even more noticeable results.

Another component that may be contributing to this trend is the increased use of video chat technology. These programs are used more than ever both in the workplace and at home. People are more inclined to notice their double chins and unpronounced jawlines when using these programs, and many of them don’t like what they see.

Competitiveness in the workplace is another driving factor that has people of all ages wanting to look polished and professional in every way possible. A chin implant is a popular option that gives a more defined jawline, one physical attribute that is linked to professional success.

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