Oscar-Nominated Actress Jennifer Lawrence Has Something in Common with Most Women: Uneven Breasts

Oscar-Nominated Actress Jennifer Lawrence Has Something in Common with Most Women: Uneven Breasts

Like other actresses that will be attending the Academy Awards on Sunday, actress Jennifer Lawrence and her team of stylists are spending a lot of time this week picking out the right dress to wear so she can look beautiful while being interviewed and photographed while walking on the red carpet leading up to the awards show.

Selecting the right dress for the twice-nominated actress to accentuate her beauty is just as important as winning an Oscar, since she and other actresses will be scrutinized by various fashion and entertainment reporters making up their own best-dressed lists following the prime-time show. Whatever dress her stylists select for her, I am sure Lawrence will make sure it hides a body flaw she recently discovered and announced to everyone while appearing on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — Uneven breasts.

Lawrence confessed on Kimmel’s show while touting her latest movie, Silver Linings Playbook, that she discovered her breasts were uneven from a doctor administering a chest X-ray when she recently had walking pneumonia.

“I was standing with these doctors and they were looking at my lungs and it felt like the elephant in the room,” Lawrence said to Jimmy Kimmel. “I was like, ‘Are my breasts uneven?’”

What Lawrence does not realize is that most women have uneven, or asymmetrical, breasts. I have been doing breast augmentations on women as a plastic surgeon for nearly 15 years and I find more women that have asymmetric breasts than women that have symmetric, or even, breasts. Although uneven breasts are said to occur in more than half of all women, Massachusetts General Hospital revealed on its website that up to 25 percent of women have a persistent or visible breast asymmetry.

However, an X-ray is not needed to discover where breasts are uneven on women. I can tell by just by looking during a consultation and back up my findings when doing the proper measurements that are standard with any breast augmentation.

Some of the more common indications of uneven breasts are:

  • Size difference between the two breasts
  • Different nipple position on each breast
  • Fold malposition, or a variance in the crease below the breast

Asymmetry is most always caused by a woman’s anatomy. However, sometimes unevenness can be accentuated by breast feeding when the baby favors one side more than the other. Not wearing a bra can affect laxity in breasts as well. For example, marathon runners and women that exercise without wearing a sports bra can affect the aging of the breasts along with the symmetry.

Whenever I am looking at a woman with asymmetry, my first priority is to get the size of each breast the same and then get the height of both breasts equal. By height, I mean to make sure a women’s cleavage is the same with both breasts. The last thing I line up is the fold beneath each breast.

Any woman receiving a breast augmentation in my practice will have even breasts as a final result. That is because I take numerous measurements during my initial consultation and follow-up exams. All of these measurements have to be taken into consideration because each implant is an exact diameter measurement and an exact projection measurement.

There is a lot of art in what I do to give a woman beautiful breasts, but there is also a little math involved as well.

And whether or not the dress Lawrence wears on Sunday evening will reveal her uneven breasts, hopefully it all adds up to her receiving her first Oscar when the night is over.

Dr. Marc Malek is listed among PHOENIX magazine’s annual Top Doctors rankings and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, in addition to being a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Medical Association and the Arizona Medical Association. To request a consultation with Dr. Malek, please visit his website at www.marcmalekmd.com or call his office at 480.551.2040.

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