What to Expect During the Process of Your Procedure: Initial Consult to Final Post Operative Appointment

Initial Consult to Final Post Operative Appointment - MD Beauty Spa in Scottsdale, AZ

When you begin the process of making an exciting and life changing decision, having all of the information available is your best tool. Here in the Scottsdale Plastic Surgery Center of Dr. Marc Malek, we believe in providing you with as much knowledge as possible. It is important for us to make you feel relaxed, confident and welcomed. Your patient care begins with your first phone call to our Scottsdale Plastic Surgery Center. Your plastic surgery process will begin with a one on one consultation with Scottsdale, Arizona board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Malek.

When you arrive for your consultation, you will be promptly greeted and given any additional patient information forms needed for you to complete. You will then be escorted to our consultation room. Dr. Malek will talk with you about your desired aesthetic outcome and explain how he can achieve the most natural, beautiful results. Dr. Malek and his patient coordinator will help you understand his recommendations by encouraging you to observe yourself in the mirror as he shows you options and expected outcomes. If you are seeing Dr. Malek for breast surgery, he will have you try on breast implant sizers and a sports bra to help you visualize the appropriate size and shape for your unique frame. He will explain the procedure(s) in depth and encourage you to ask questions.

After meeting with Dr. Malek, you will meet with our patient coordinator who will show “before and after” photographs of the procedure(s). She will provide you with a booklet created especially for you that contains information about the surgical process and information that is specific to your plastic surgery procedure, including pre- and post-operative care instructions. This packet will answer many of the questions most commonly asked before and after surgery. Our patient coordinator will also go over cost and financing options, as well as pre and post-operative instructions.

Pre-operative Visit
Once you decide to schedule surgery, an appointment will be made for a pre-operative visit with Dr. Malek. This is generally scheduled for a date about three weeks prior to your surgery. This will give you time before your surgery to address any questions about your procedure and recovery and to make sure you have proper support systems in place for your recovery process.

During this appointment you will be given consent forms to sign, prescriptions for medications, and review with you detailed written instructions for pre- and post-operative care using the booklet given to you at your initial consultation with Dr. Malek. He will go over what to expect at the surgery center on the day of your surgery and what you can expect for the first few days after surgery. After surgery care is critical in terms of a smooth recovery and desired end result.

In most cases you can recover in the comfort of your own home with the help of loved ones or friends. However, with facelift and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Dr. Malek will have you stay overnight in a local recovery center; we will take care of theses arrangements for you

The Surgery
You arrive at our in-office surgical center on the day of surgery. Dr. Malek will meet with you one last time before surgery and review the procedure and answer any last minute questions. He will take photographs and place markings on you that will assist him during the surgery.

You will meet your Board Certified Anesthesiologist, who will answer questions and make you feel comfortable with the process. After the anesthetic is administered, the next thing you know you will be in the recovery area! Nurses will monitor you as you recover from the anesthetic and you will usually be able to go home in about an hour and a half.

The nurse will give detailed written instructions to your caregiver about your needs after surgery.

After Surgery
Dr. Malek will call you the night of your surgery to see how you’re doing and answer any questions you or your caregiver may have. Your first post-operative appointment will be 1-2 days after surgery, with additional appointments following, depending on your procedure.

Follow-up Visits
With choosing to have surgery with Dr. Malek, you become a life long patient. We like to keep an eye on you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Depending on your procedure, you will have a follow up appointment between 2-5months after surgery, and after that several months. We will spend the time to answer all your questions and concerns. Our goal is to provide total patient satisfaction, and we will do whatever we can to make your surgical experience positive each step of the way.

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