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Modern aesthetic technology makes it possible to achieve results that are far superior to what was possible in the past. The most critical point in achieving a stunning result in face, breast, or body enhancement lies in the experience, skill, and meticulous care with which the procedure is performed. At his private, luxury plastic surgery clinic in Scottsdale, Dr. Marc Malek offers a full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical procedures to restore, rejuvenate, and bring out the best in your natural features.

A meticulously performed surgery in combination with our non-surgical treatments will take years off your facial appearance, enhance your breasts, or sculpt or lift any area of your body. You no longer will be forced to accept the signs of aging – you can maintain a fresh, rejuvenated, youthful look for years.


You have a unique physiology, body structure, and facial features. Dr. Malek is known for his remarkable ability to highlight your most attractive features with subtle surgical procedures, performed with attention to every detail. His ability to consistently exceptional results in surgery lies in the thorough and careful planning of every procedure. We want to bring out the best in your face and body – and create a result that appears natural, not pulled, stretched, or that alters the fundamental structure of your face.


Getting older has many benefits – but comes with drawbacks. The slow deterioration of your natural beauty as wrinkles, lines, and creases appear, along with jowls, fatty deposits beneath the chin, and neck skin that is lined or has vertical bands can be a source of unhappiness. No cosmetics or creams, no matter how costly, can fully restore youthful facial skin. We offer a full scope of anti-aging techniques to help you look as young as you feel. Why accept what nature dictates if genetics and aging can be outsmarted with our range of modern surgical and non-surgical anti-aging technology?

From custom chemical peels to restore fresh, glowing, youthful facial skin, to laser treatments to restore skin texture while removing age spots, to carefully-performed facial surgery for eyelids, cheeks, neck, and to restore a youthful, defined jawline – we do it all. Your customized procedure will be developed to treat the signs of aging skin and tissue that make you look older than you feel inside.


Feeling confident in your face, breasts, and body raises self-esteem. Whether in your social life or business life, it helps to know that you look your best. Whether you want to restore your body after pregnancy and breastfeeding, have the breast size and shape you always wanted, or are ready to take the journey to a younger-looking face and body, you can trust the exceptional skill and delicate techniques of Dr. Malek and his staff.


All board-certified plastic surgeons have spent years gaining certification – and accomplishment in itself. What is less commonly recognized is vision and artistry. Above all, the artistry and delicacy of the procedure has everything to do with the final result. Dr. Malek is known for his innate ability to envision the most attractive, natural outcome, and perform every procedure with a meticulous eye for detail. In facial procedures, every millimeter makes a difference.


The journey to a more aesthetic and alluring look should be a pleasure. At our exclusive Scottsdale plastic surgery clinic, every detail was built around providing a positive patient experience, from start to finish. You are invited to discover the place where a “new you” can be achieved – and where your vision can become a reality.

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