What Are Your Breast Augmentation Options?

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The size and the shape of the breasts often affect feelings of self-confidence and femininity. Because larger breasts may be considered more “womanly” and, therefore, more appealing, cosmetic breast augmentation is currently one of the most popular of all plastic surgery procedures performed in the USA.


There is nothing in nature—plants, animals or people—in which two sides are mirror images of each other. There are always differences in contour, volume and position. The usual range of differences is still considered aesthetic and acceptable.

There are conditions of the breasts that exceed the norm and frequently involve more than just apparent size. These are considered deformities but can be corrected with a specialized plastic surgery procedure. Women who are unhappy with breast deformities or have great differences in breast size or appearance should connect with leading Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Malek.


“Asymmetric” simply means that the two parts on either side of a central line are not identical. This is not unusual with breasts.

The term “asymmetric,” when used in relation to a condition of the breasts, can refer to any of a number of more severe situations:

  • One breast significantly larger or smaller than the other.
  • Both breasts much smaller than average and of significantly different size.
  • One breast with much greater “drop” than the other (i.e., hanging much lower than the other one).
  • Different positions of the breasts, with one higher or lower than the other one.
  • Differences between the two nipples, which may be the size of the areola (the dark area around the nipple), a bulging areola, or how far the nipple projects from the breast.
  • Tubular (or tuberous) breasts. This refers to an unusual breast shape and, frequently, a difference in size between the two breasts, but often has other issues associated with it. Asymmetric and tubular breasts may be considered as two separate conditions, though they are often viewed in combination.


There are several different procedures to correct asymmetric breasts, depending on the exact condition and the cause:


In breast augmentation surgery, either a silicone or saline implant is inserted in one or both breasts to increase balanced volume.

Silicone implants are pre-filled and come in specific sizes. Saline implants are like deflated balloons and are filled with saline after being inserted into the breast(s).


A breast lift may be indicated when the position of the breast itself “droops” or the areola of one is considerably lower than the other. It can be combined with implants, when necessary.


This may be indicated when the smaller breast is actually a more proportionate size for the rest of body and increasing its size to match the larger breast could result in balance or back problems, over time.


Tubular breast correction involves more than common cosmetic procedures, as the condition is frequently caused by underlying tissue herniations and constrictions. Be sure to select a surgeon who has experience performing the more demanding techniques this specialized procedure may require.


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