Is Doing Facials Good or Bad for Skin?

Is Doing Facials Good or Bad for Skin

Facials are today’s modern approach to skin rejuvenation. This procedure helps renew skin cells through blood flow circulation under the skin, decreasing puffiness and fluid build-up from our lymphatic system. Good circulation is essential because it provides proteins, oxygen, and nutrition to the skin while ridding it of toxins.

Today, let us learn what facials are, how they work, and if doing these treatments is good or bad for the skin. Read until the end and discover if facials are the best treatments for you.

What are Facials?

Facials provide a wide range of facial treatments based on the skin concerns of our clients. Skincare experts will evaluate your skin during your appointment to determine which facial treatments are best for your skin type and goals. They use only the highest quality professional skincare products for our rejuvenating facial treatments.

Regular, professional facials offer several benefits, including the following:

  • Cleanses and exfoliates the skin
  • It helps manage active acne
  • It helps diminish the signs of aging
  • It helps to relieve stress
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Maintains skin’s suppleness
  • Provides relaxation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces the appearance of scarring

Common Facials

Signature Custom Facial

Pamper yourself with the Signature Custom Facial. As the name implies, this facial is customized to meet the needs of particular skin types and goals. Customized facials include cleansing using medical-grade skincare, exfoliation, and extraction. After this excellent facial treatment, your skin becomes smoother with a brighter look enhanced through a dermaplane procedure.

Oxygenating Facials

The PCA Oxygenating Facial is a three-step system that increases oxygenation while circulation happens in the skin, eventually rejuvenating unwanted sluggish, stressed, or acne-affected skin. As this facial draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, it causes its eventual glow. Moisture molecules interact with the tissues, causing gentle skin plumping. The treatment is ideal for people with sensitive, dehydrated, aging, or dry skin. Overall, it contains an abundance of antioxidants and B vitamin content.

Fire and Ice Facials

Also known as the “Red Carpet” or “Hollywood Facial”, the Fire and Ice Facial consists of two masks; the first mask smooths out and resurfaces the skin using heat energy, and the second mask hydrates and nurtures it through cooling. This combination results in your skin looking glowing and refreshed.

As a treatment safely formulated, The Fire and Ice Facial helps resurface and rapidly rejuvenate the skin with little or no downtime. This exclusive home edition facial, virtually guided by your skin care professional, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while improving blemishes and uneven skin tone appearance, resulting in a more youthful complexion with the Fire and Ice Facials.

Hydrafacial with Dermaplane

Your facial begins with dermaplaning, gently removing the outer layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz. Your skin is left smooth and more readily able to absorb products. Following the dermaplaning, the hydrafacial is followed by a light vortex-fusion chemical peel. This light chemical peel prepares the skin for optimal extractions, again using the vortex-fusion vacuum while incorporating key ingredients such as willow bark and honey extract to minimize breakouts and the appearance of pore size. Facials will nourish your skin with powerful peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid in the final step to firm, moisturize, tone, and protect your skin.

Are Facials Good for the Skin? 

As the experts suggest, facials are suitable for the skin as they improve its health. Deep cleansing and exfoliation allow for a more significant cell turnover, resulting in softer, more even skin that is less prone to breakouts and shows fewer signs of aging.

Pros and Cons of Facials

The Goods

1. Gives your skin a natural glow.

Facials can clear skin that is too congested with accumulated excess dirt, sebum, or oil from everyday pollution. Along with your prescribed facial, a skin analysis can help bring out your skin’s natural glow.

2. Cleanses skin.

Keeping the skin clean can sometimes go far deeper than just superficial. Facials can help benefit your skin, keeping it in check with other facial-related treatments every once in a while.

3. Rejuvenates your skin.

Facials can help replenish the moisture in your skin, as they may strip most of its natural moisture layer during the daily cleansing in your skincare routine.

4. Slow down signs of aging.

Our skin’s natural production of collagen gradually declines as we age. That’s why we will need other ways to boost that production to maintain a youthful appearance.

5. Relieves stress.

Facial treatments, gentle massages on your skin, scented masks on your face, and a pleasant, calming environment treat you to a stress-free and relaxing spa day with a facial treatment.

The Not-So-Goods

1. Allergies

Even though facial treatments are designed to help solve specific skin problems, allergies may occur for those unaware of our skin’s sensitivities.

2. Breakouts

Some acne or blemishes do not respond well to probing treatments like extractions or microdermabrasion. Should the therapist not perform well, this can further inflammation on your skin.

3. Scarring

Therapists use special tools to remove the acne and zits on your skin to deter future breakouts. However, if it is done wrong, it may cause further breakouts or even acne scars on your skin.

4. Itching or reddening

Your skin may respond differently and react by having a slight reddening or itching after the treatment. Do not pick at your skin or scratch the itch if this happens, as this may cause unwanted results.

How to Do Facial at Home?

You can pamper yourself just the same without spending much money and from the comfort of your home. The spa-like experience is enhanced only because of the products used by them. You can now buy these products at the most affordable and reasonable rates and give yourself the same rejuvenating facial. Plus, these products will last a long time, and you can give yourself several facials before buying new products.

Final Takeaways

Facial treatments can benefit you in your healthy skin journey. Still, it is worth weighing the advantages and disadvantages of getting one so that you are aware and prepared for the possible outcomes. Also, proper facial treatment aftercare is key to maximizing the effectiveness of a facial treatment.

Overall, it is good to understand what your skin needs to be at its best, and this is always a great discussion with your therapist or dermatologist beforehand.

If you are interested in experiencing facials, our wonderful friends at MD Beauty Spa can help you today. 

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