What Does Sculptra Do to Your Face?

What Does Sculptra Do to Your Face

Sculptra is among today’s newest approaches to effective skin rejuvenation. Like it or not, the aging process eventually catches up with most of us. As our skin starts losing collagen and elastin that gives our skin that bounce and glow of youthfulness, fine lines, and wrinkles also begin to develop and take over. Cosmetic advancements nowadays offer a one-of-a-kind dermal filler known as Sculptra. It can soften lines and wrinkles and restore the contours of the face.

Sculptra does more than “fill” the face. This filler can stimulate collagen production and help the skin naturally renew itself. Results develop gradually, look natural, and last much longer than most other injectables. This dermal filler is entirely unlike any other. Let us turn back the clock and look at this worth-it injectable treatment.

Today, let us know more about this skin procedure, how it works, and what it can do for your face. Continue reading and discover if Sculptra is the best option for you.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a minimally invasive procedure that stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, reduces wrinkles and facial folds, and restores facial volume. The collagen in the skin helps it remain firm, young, and smooth. Our bodies’ collagen production decreases over time, and wrinkles and sagging may begin to appear.

Additionally, Sculptra provides up to 80 percent improvement within the treated areas. You can resume regular activity immediately and do not need a pre-treatment allergy test. Sculptra produces gradual results as the body produces more collagen in the treated areas. Furthermore, it is commonly used to treat the temples, mid-cheeks, and lower face areas for hollows, depressions, fine lines, and jowling.

How Sculptra Works

Sculptra procedures diminish facial wrinkles because they contain PLLA, which acts as a collagen stimulator. This component helps restore fullness to facial wrinkles and folds gradually. As a result, the skin becomes softer and appears more youthful.

Noticeable and immediate results may occur, but Sculptra can take a few months before full effect and seeing changes from your treatment. Practitioners will work with you in determining how many treatment sessions you’ll need to achieve optimal results. On average, the typical regimen consists of three (3) injections spread out over three or four (3-4) months.

Reasons to Consider Sculptra

From Scupltra’s ability to comprehensively rejuvenate the face down to the low maintenance needed for this treatment’s schedule, here are some reasons why Sculptra is so popular:

A Comprehensive Rejuvenation

Sculptra works to repair underlying facial scaffoldings by spurring collagen production. This stimulation offers several cosmetic benefits. Once doing its job, Sculptra adds fullness to the face and eases the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds.

This injectable can broadly improve the face by restoring youthful contours and thickening skin that has begun to thin. Sometimes, Sculptra is referred to as a liquid facelift due to its non-invasive lifting and revitalizing abilities.

Natural Results

Most people undergo a series of four Sculptra Injections over several weeks. The injections are performed differently to create a mesh-like pattern under the skin. It means that once Sculptra is in place, expect thorough coverage, serving as the foundation upon which collagen development begins.

This development may take some time, so expect several months before seeing the improvements taking place entirely in the face. However, this gradual onset of results gives patients more natural and less overfilled results. You’ll never look like you suddenly went and “had work done.”

Long-Lasting Improvement

Since Sculptra essentially rebuilds the underlying infrastructures of the face through collagen generation, this filler offers longer-lasting results than most other injectables. Patients usually enjoy their outcomes for two (2) years or even more. If you decide not to repeat the treatment, you will still begin appearing ahead in aging due to the extra collagen created by that one fluid facelift.

A Low-Maintenance Option

Once you’re done with the initial injection series, you’ll be good to go with Sculptra for at least two (2) years, making you worry-free about follow-up sessions every few months for top-offs or maintenance treatments.

Allergies Are Not a Concern

Sculptra poses no severe risks of allergic reactions and does not need any allergy testing due to Poly-L-Lactic Acid being synthetic. Once it’s done jump-starting collagen development, the Poly-L-Lactic Acid naturally fades from the body.

It Can Even Lift Your Butt

As a dermal filler, Sculptra is most often used to enhance the face and reverse signs of aging, but did you know this injectable can also perk up the buttocks? It works in much the same way in the buttocks. After your treatment, this filler generates collagen production, which lifts and tones the derriere for months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sculptra

“How long does it take before Sculptra shows noticeable results?”

Following Sculptra injections, you may see results within 24 hours; however, these results are temporary. As a collagen stimulator, Sculptra alone does not provide any filling action. Sculptra works by causing a reaction in the skin that forms new collagen so that you will see results from it gradually over time.

“How many Sculptra treatments do I need?”

Sculptra usually requires at least three treatments, each given about four weeks apart. Practitioners will complete a facial evaluation during your consultation to determine your best treatment.

“How does Sculptra differ from other dermal fillers?”

One of the key differences between a liquid facelift and the other injectable gel fillers on the market is that it focuses less on actually “filling” the face and more on stimulating collagen production. In other words

Sculptra encourages the face to fill itself with additional collagen production.

The gradual onset of results is also unique to Sculptra. Some other dermal fillers offer patients results as soon as two weeks, although those other fillers usually last up to a year.

“How long do Sculptra results last?”

Sculptra can produce results up to two years after the initial course of injections. As you approach the two-year mark, you may need repeat injections to maintain the effects and avoid reverting to your original appearance.

“Do I experience any potential downtime with Sculptra?”

Sculptra treatment does not require downtime, and you do not have to take any time off work. However, avoiding exercise for 24 hours after treatment would be best.

Final Thoughts on Sculptra

Sculptra is a wise option when looking for practical options for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and shallow areas. This treatment has many advantages compared to other dermal injections to smooth wrinkles and plump external portions of the face.

Do you want to experience the benefits of Sculptra? Our amazing friends at MD Beauty Spa can help you today.

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