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Breast augmentation is the top cosmetic surgery performed in the U.S. It is highly popular and sought after by people of different age groups.


As one of the leading experts in breast augmentation Scottsdale & Phoenix has on offer, Dr. Marc Malek has handled hundreds of such procedures with great results. With his extensive knowledge, board-certified Dr. Malek brings a combination of skill and expertise to deliver the best results every time in Scottsdale.


Types of breast implants used


Dr. Malek is well-versed in using different types of implants and techniques for breast augmentation in Scottsdale. Some of the implants used include:


Saline implants: Being FDA approved for adults over 18 years of age, these implants are filled with sterile saline. They are used to give a natural and uniform look and shape. These implants are known for their safety as saline is just salt water that gets absorbed by the body when there is rupture of the implant.


The other advantage with a saline implant is that they can be customized during surgery. Dr. Malek uses his experience and skills to determine the volume of saline that needs to be injected into each breast at the time of surgery. This is highly useful in addressing unevenly shaped breasts that each requires different volumes to appear even.


Saline implants are prone to rupture but are easily noticeable when they deflate. When performed by Dr. Malek who is a skilled plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, there are minimal to zero risks of any complications or failure of implants.


Structured saline implants: These are the latest versions of saline implants that have the extra protection of layers of shells. These shells make it possible for the saline implant to remain stable in terms of form while also decreasing the risk of ruptures.


Silicone gel implants: These types of implants are approved for adults who are over the age of 22 years. Silicone gel is known for its softness and its close resemblance to the natural breast tissue in terms of feel. These implants give a more natural feel and look and also are less prone to rippling or wrinkling that are usually seen with saline implants.


The main disadvantage of this implant is that a leakage of silicone gel is not immediately noticeable. The gel can leak into the capsule or the breast tissues. Dr. Malek who is an expert in breast augmentation in Scottsdale ensures that regular visits are scheduled to examine the implants against leakages. He may order an ultrasound or MRI to establish the position of the implants.


Gummy bear implants: These implants are also known as “Highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants”, and use a thicker silicone gel to add extra strength and stability.


The best advice in Scottsdale for breast augmentation


In addition to these implants, Dr. Malek is also highly experienced in handling different smooth and textured implants that could be tear or round shaped to suit different needs.


Dr. Malek is committed to delivering the best results while safety and comfort of his patients remain the top priority. He will advise on the type of implant you need based on your expectations, health history, skin tone, size and shape of breasts and so on. He will also advise on the type and size of the implant that is ideal for you, besides discussing the placement options. Click here to schedule your breast augmentation consultation.

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