Facelift options: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical - MD Beauty Spa in Scottsdale, AZ

Facelifts are among the top five cosmetic procedures in the U.S. as per the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  Termed also as ‘rhytidectomy’ which is a Greek word for excision of wrinkles, facelifts rejuvenate the facial skin by removing wrinkles.


The need for facelift

The first thing that people notice is your face! Many people are bothered about the jowls, sagging skin, excessive wrinkles on the face that make them look years older than they actually are. Wrinkles and jowls also give a permanently tired and sad look while also impacting self-confidence levels.


Facial wrinkles and jowls are normally associated with the aging process. But it can also occur in younger people who are excessively exposed to harsh ultraviolet rays, smoking and other pollutants.

The outer epidermal layer of the skin is responsible for the skin tone, while the middle layer of dermis has elastin and collagen which are proteins that maintain elasticity and volume of the skin. The inner subcutaneous layer stores fat and connective tissue.


As a consequence of aging or damage, there is decrease in elastin and collagen, while fat stores also decrease. The outer skin loses the skin tone with the result being wrinkles, jowls and sagging skin.


Facelift options: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical


Facelift is a procedure that can bring back the youthfulness by reducing wrinkles and jowls and tightening up the skin.


Dr. Marc Malek as the leading Phoenix & Scottsdale plastic surgeon is renowned for facelift procedures that give the best natural looking results. Surgical facelift options include the mini lift and the standard facelift.


Surgical options


Mini facelift: In this procedure which is suitable for those patients who have milder wrinkles or sagging, Dr. Malek makes small incisions right below the hairline and on the lines of the ear which are not visible after the surgery.  The skin is lifted and the underlying tissues are tightened to get rid of sagging skin on cheeks or jawline.


Standard facelift:  In this technique, longer incisions are made around the hairline starting on the temples and in front of the ears. The deeper structures are tightened, excess skin is trimmed while the jawline is refined. This procedure gets rid of excess wrinkles, jowls, creases and rejuvenates the facial skin. Fat grafting is also another option that restores volume to the face.


Non-surgical options


VShape Ultra:  This is a nonsurgical technique used skilfully by Dr. Malek to get rid of wrinkles. The first platform of VShape uses ultrasound to kill fat cells and the second to encourage collagen production with radio frequency (RF).  VShape Ultra is effective against the smaller fat pockets normally seen on the face.


Dermal fillers:  Dr. Malek is well versed in using wide range of dermal fillers that are collagen or hyaluronic acid based semi-permanent fillers such as Radiesse and Sculptra, Artefill which is permanent filler.  These are easy to administer, have minimal downtime and provide fast results to remove wrinkles.


JuvaShape: This is a non-invasive procedure that uses radio frequency (RF) to target wrinkles on the face and elsewhere on the body. The technique stimulates collagen production in the dermis, resulting in restoration of skin volume and elasticity.


Consulting Dr. Malek is the best way to understand which option is ideal for you.

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